Bluebirds On Pussywillow Stake

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Bluebirds on Willow Stake is a stunning garden accent from Elegant Garden Design that features an iconic rusted texture, as well as colorful details hand-painted by artists. The painted details not only accentuate the bird’s iconic bright blue color but also highlights the yellowish-white blooms of a willow tree branch. Bluebirds on Willow is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create a signature rusted texture and vintage look. It would be the perfect accent displayed in your garden, or even inserted into the ground next to a bluebird house in your backyard. If you’ve got a bluebird lover in your life, this would make an excellent gift!

The bluebirds depicted resemble the Eastern bluebird, which is characterized by its vibrant blue color and rust-colored chest. These birds can be easily spotted throughout the Eastern United States.

Dimensions: 9.75" wide x 12" tall (not including stake).