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Secret Garden Book Nook Kit

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Do you like DIY projects and unique items to display? Then this is for you, (or someone you love)!

This book-nook kit, inspired by "The Secret Garden," reveals a palette of vibrant, garden-like colors. Its construction exudes timeless solidity, like ancient garden walls. Assembling it feels like unlocking a cherished secret, with a graceful and surprising ease.
Equipped with motion-sensing technology, it adds an interactive touch, reminiscent of the garden's hidden wonders. Battery-operated for flexibility, it can be placed in any nook, much like the secret garden itself. This kit pays homage to the beloved tale while inviting you to create your own enchanting escape.

Featuring a smart sensor and warm LED lighting, this product not only elevates the aesthetic charm of your bookshelf insert but also extends a warm greeting each time you draw near. With a sensor range of 20 inches, the LED light will seamlessly illuminate upon detection and gracefully fade out after 1 to 2 minutes, ensuring a delightful and energy-efficient experience.

Perfect for gifting, either as a project for an enthusiast to assemble or assemble it yourself and gift the beautiful finished scene!

Recommended for ages 14+