Spring Cocktail Kit

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Say ‘hello’ to instant craft cocktails and ‘bye,bye’ hassle. Create a mixologist-inspired craft cocktail instantly with our handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes. Designed specifically for liquor and made with all natural ingredients containing only 16 calories, enjoy artisan spirits anywhere, anytime!

The Spring Cocktail Kit includes 3 mini sticks: Mint Julep, Cosmo, Mojito

Drop one LUXE cube in your drink to instantly transform and flavour
The LUXE cube has versatile uses including making: instant flavored lattes, mimosas in sparkling wine, Italian soda/mocktails in sparkling water, and cocktails with spirits
LUXE cubes are made with all natural ingredients
Each LUXE cube has less than a tsp of sugar, approximately 16 calories, 4 carbs
Each LUXE MINI Stick offers 6 servings
Proudly hand-made in the USA

*Please note that all Teaspressa sugar cubes are handmade with natural ingredients. Nature can take its course and with that in mind the sugar cubes tend to have variations whether it be color, size and shapes of the natural toppings, and form.