JBW Studio

Pre-Order for Pied Piper Egg Ornament (New for 2022)

Pre-order for November Delivery.

Crafted from a real duck egg’s shell. Has a lighted element that reveals new things about the ornament when lit.

Each ornament comes in a silk-lined gift box, along with an ornament hanger and a description.
The egg is strengthened with many layers each of gesso, paint, and varnish.
The scenes are created with miniature sculpture made by the artist, along with a variety of other materials, and are enclosed behind custom-cut glass.

Goose egg are approximately 3.25” tall, and 2.25” in diameter at widest.

Note: exterior color may vary from the example presented in photographs. Call or email the store for more information about what exterior color(s) are currently in stock.