Kitchen Full Of Herbs Card Deck

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  • A practical card deck packed with simple growing and cooking tips to help you fill your kitchen with herbs. 
  • Organized by flavors and uses to enhance your cooking and boost your health with culinary plants. 
  • Supported by experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK. 
  • Packaged in an attractive gift box containing 60 cards organized into tabbed sections. 
  • The perfect gift for home gardeners and kitchen garden cooks. 

Fill your kitchen with herbs with this practical herb care deck. 
Create a living trove of fresh flavors to enhance your cooking and boost your health with these incredible culinary plants. Organized by potential uses, this practical card deck will help you to use 60 herbs in the most interesting ways: from making stunning botanical cocktails to whipping up delicious home-made pesto. 
The box opens with a hinged lid to reveal 6 flavor categories and 60 illustrated herb care cards. Each card includes growing advice and tips for using the herb to enhance everyday cooking. 
Underpinned by the authority of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, this card deck provides all the information you need to propagate, grow, harvest, cook—and fill your kitchen with herbs.