Individual Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

There's always someone who insists that the lyrics to a song go a certain way, no matter how nonsensical or funny...until they learn otherwise. Maybe that person is you or a friend. You'll never think of that song the same way again. 


Each cork coaster measures 4"x4."


like a virgin
touched for the 31st time
- Like A Virgin

this is the dawning
of the age of asparagus
- Aquarius

there's a bathroom on the right
- Bad Moon Rising

if you like bean enchiladas
and getting caught in the rain
- Escape

 left some brains
down in africa
- Africa

ock the cat spa
rock the cat spa
- Rock The Casbah

sweet dreams are made of cheese
who am i to disagree
- Sweet Dreams

she’s a good girl
loves her mama
loves cheez-its
and america too
- Free Fallin’

i’ve got
two chickens to paralyze
- Two Tickets to Paradise

on a dark desert highway
cool whip in my hair
- Hotel California

might as well face it
you’re a dick with a glove
- Addicted to Love

got mud on your face
you big disgrace
kicking your cat
all over the place
- We Will Rock You

something in the way she moos
attracts me like no other lover
- Something

hit me with your pet shark
- Hit Me With Your Best Shot

i’ll never leave
your pizza burnin’
- Beast of Burden

we’re up all night
to pet puppies
we’re up all night
to pet puppies
- Get Lucky

we built this city
on sausage rolls
- We Built this City

it must have been love
but i’m sober now
- It Must Have Been Love

we built this titties
on rock and roll
- We Built this City

hold me closer
tony danza
- Tiny Dancer

because hey baby
your're gonna be the one that
saves me
and after all
you're my wonder-bra
- Wonderwall

dirty deeds
done with sheep
dirty deeds
done with sheep
- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

shake it
like a polar bear ninja
- Hey Ya!