Modern Sprout

Grow Frame - Matte Black

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A Full Spectrum Grow Light for Living Green. Light the way to a greener home. Modern Sprout's Growframe is the vital solution for creating a lush vertical plantscape in sun-deprived spaces. It beautifully frames and thoughtfully nourishes low-to-bright light loving plants. Simply mount, add plants and set the timer. Light is delivered daily to keep your plants happy and brighten your home. Produces a natural white light with long lifespan LEDs. Supports healthy growth for vegetative, fruiting and flowering plants. 8, 12 and 16 hour timer with brightness control that fades on and off like dawn and dusk. Creates an optimal growing environment for living green walls. Plant pairings are endless! Try ferns, orchids and calatheas in the bathroom; herbs and leafy greens in the kitchen; air-purifying plants like aloe, English ivy and rubber plant for the living room; and aromatic flora like lavender, chamomile and sage for the bedroom.

Wall-mountable, Powder Coated Steel Frame
Hanging Hardware
Operation Manual
Size: 20.8” x 17” x 5.5”
Weight: 8lbs
92+ CRI Dimmable Full-Spectrum LEDs
4000K Natural White Light
Rated for 25,000 Hours of Usage
1480 Lumen Output
Eco-Friendly, Low-Power
100-220v 27W power adapter w 9' cord
3-Setting Timer
3 Year Warranty
Assembled in the USA