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Extra Large Spalted Maple Salad Tossers

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Toss leafy greens with a well-crafted, artisanal flair.   These hand-made salad tossers have a slightly bowed shape to compliment your favorite salad bowl, and shaped ends for a sure grip.  This pair is 12” long, and 3” across at widest. Crafted in sustainably sourced, upcycled spalted maple, and handcrafted in New England.

These tossers are made of spalted maple wood.  The maple tree is beloved throughout New England for it’s maple syrup and vibrant fall foliage.  Maple wood is characterized by a smooth grain and unique light color. The artist selects wood from fallen maple trees, bearing remarkable lines within their grain, called “spalting”. Every piece of wood shows different spalted patterns, and you will receive the exact pair shown.

Shown with a 13” round Ambrosia maple bowl, sold separately. Shop our full collection of Peterman bowls here!