The Peregrino Shave Brush

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Douglas of Phoenix Shaving based The Peregrino on the vintage Ever-Ready 500E. It's a bulb that just fits right in the hand and the Roswell 24mm Hybrid Knot, is both soft, sturdy, and durable. It truly makes for a special tool to add to your shaving ritual,

Peregrino is Spanish for Pilgrim. Just like pilgrims on a holy trek it is always our own experience, no one else's and no one can take that away from us or define it in absolutes. We often compare traditional shaving to ritual and ceremony, which no doubt it is in an obvious kind of way, but might I say it is even more; a great, epic, daily journey or quest. And with every passing new day we get closer to somewhere that really doesn't matter. What really matters and where the real joy is found and felt, is the act of the journey itself.

The design on the bottom of the handle is not only the sun rising or a scallop shell (symbol of the pilgrim), but also a visual representation of all the different paths one can take to get to the same destination.

Handle Material: Acrylic
Complete Length: 131 mm
Width at Widest point: 45 mm
Width and Shortest point: 27mm
Weight: 4.3 Oz (122 grams)
Knot: 24 mm

BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free
This version is NOT to be confused with the original and Phoenix Shaving, LLC has no affiliation with Ever-Ready.