Zen Art Puzzles

Will Carswell handcrafts heirloom-quality, eco-friendly, wooden jigsaw puzzles one at a time from start to finish in the foothills of Western Massachusetts. With each new puzzle he creates, he strives to give you the most memorable, unique, jigsaw puzzling  experience  possible along with  an  enjoyable opportunity to slow down amidst a fast-paced world. Originally a British tradition, each Zen Art puzzle includes a number of unique to the puzzle themed pieces. For example the chameleon puzzle has pieces shaped as a chameleon, dragonfly and other insects and salamanders. These specially shaped pieces are called whimsies. Enrich your life with the  challenge and  charm of these wonderful whimsical pieces, the beautiful imagery of the puzzles, and the devious trickery he designs into most of our puzzles, such as false borders and false corners! Enjoy tranquil solitude or togetherness with family and friends as you discover the nuances of each new puzzle you choose for your collection! Zen Puzzles™ and Peapod Puzzles™ also make the perfect, unique, giftable  keepsake! As both a profit and a mission driven company, Zen Art uses eco-friendly materials, collaborates  with non-profits, and donates a portion of profits to social and ecological causes.

Give us a call at 215-862-1880 or email info@heartofthehome.com for additional information and recommendations !

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