Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell

Collectors note!  Bill Campbell has announced his retirement after more than 50 years of production.  We are sad to report that this is our final stock of Bill Campbell Pottery.  If you love his pottery as much as we do, get it while you can!

Bill Campbell is a potter celebrating 50 years in his craft. Across the county, his porcelain is admired for its spectacular color and elegant, crisp forms... each piece maintaining some of the energy of its creator. The glazes dance with surprising vibrancy in unexpected patterns. Functional pots become little moments of celebration within the day-to-day routine.

Looking for a particular style from Bill Campbell's extensive collection?  We are still working on listing additional inventory items. In addition, we are happy to facilitate special orders. Give us a call at 215-862-1880 or email for additional information and recommendations!

Bill's practical, functional pottery would love to be part of your daily routine!   Interested in creating the perfect place settings for your needs?  Email us for more options, and to learn about discounts on settings for four or more!

Crystalline Tile
Crystalline Tile $28.00